Insert caveat here

Guhhhh, abortion. Seems like the current administration is definitely trying to look righteous by attacking this issue with a 2×4 over the head.

“You shouldn’t use tax payer money to end an innocent human life. Thou shalt not kill!”

I’m always impressed by this approach. By and large, the same people espousing this idea are very much in favor of capital punishment.

Ah, ah, they say, but the difference is “innocent” human life.

Oh. Cool, I’m glad we found out that there is a caveat to thou shalt not kill after all.

And — not that I think this is a great approach either, but if someone is viewing the abortion issue from a religious standpoint — well, Christianity indicates that God hasn’t exactly been opposed to terminating innocent life. Remember David and Bathsheba’s firstborn? The firstborn of the Pharaoh Ramesses during the plagues? Those are just the ones off the top of my head. I’m just saying, if we’re depending on the argument of preserving innocent life Because Religion, it doesn’t carry a lot of weight when God’s down in his own sacred text knocking off children to make a fucking point.

“He’s God. You’re not.”

Yeah. So why is capital punishment a thing again? If, you know, we shouldn’t kill people just because God does?

At this point, both sides of the argument are chasing straw men, and my opponent is thinking that I’m ready to go around killing people willy-nilly for my own convenience.

So I’ll just refer back to a post I’ve already written on this subject: Once conservatism demonstrates that it gives any shits about real-live children, then I’ll believe that religious opposition to abortion has anything to do with saving life and not just punishing women who’ve somehow “failed.”