Goodbye, Hunter x Hunter. Hello, Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Dear lord, I can’t do it.

This is the second time I have tried to watch Hunter x Fucking Goddamn Hunter, and I can’t do it.

The plot, you guys, is mind-numbing. I’m sure it gets better, it has to, the fandom is goddamn huge. The characters all seem so fascinating on Tumblr, but if I have to drag my ass through another episode of Gon’s annoying voice and that ridiculous Hitler’s Youth suit he wears… maybe if it were all Killua and his crazy weird family. Killua and his weird family and whatever’s up with Kurapika. I could do it then.

The tower is what killed me. That ridiculous tower that they have to battle their way up through the levels. OHMIGOD, the repetition. Repetition is what kills anime, people. It’s what keeps the art form from being appreciated, I’m telling you.

Instead, I’m currently slogging my way through another, only slightly repetitious manga. Fairy Tail, which doesn’t that sound just as juvenile and shoujo as you can get? But it’s not, I swear, it’s this really great shounen manga with some really fantastic characters and super interesting stories (that don’t drag on and on and on. Ahem, looking at you, Magi. Geez, wrap this shit up already, would you? Have Hakuryuu come back from the dark side already and wake Alibaba up and move on).

But, right, what makes Fairy Tail something I can work with and Hunter x Hunter such a miserable failure? I mean, Fairy Tail even has fan service that borders on the ridiculous, and I’m still sticking to it.

It’s because the manga has a positivity to it that just touches every part of it.

These characters are friends who support each other — even when they’re probably not strong enough to be of much help, which I think is a really cool way to show commitment as a writer. They get pissed when they see someone else treat a partner badly, because they’re your allies, right? Your comrades? Why would you ever treat them badly? And if a bad guy shows a change of heart, hey, man, you wanna be part of our little group? There’s room for more, and you’ve got skills. Put ’em to good use with us!

I… just… love that. I eat that up with a spoon.
People being nice to each other!
Women who are nice to each other and respected by the dudes (even if they get more boobs-and-ass shots than a DC comic book)!
Villains who have reasons to be villainous!
People remembering promises and what it means to hold each other up and support each other!

Happy sighs.

All right, Fairy Tail. Don’t break my heart now.