Get away from the news if you want to

I’m seeing more posts pop up on Facebook (mostly from white people, lesbehonest) saying shit like, “To break up the political posts on Facebook, I’m posting about baseball!” “I’ve unfollowed every political page and so should anyone who wants to use Facebook like we used to!” “I’m unfriending every negative person because I’m just here for the baby photos.”

Okay. Cool? Self-care is important. You do you, and use your social media how you want to.

Just don’t try to shame others for expressing horror at the current political climate. I could almost understand if it were the same news story every day, but yo, Agent Orange is bringing fresh fuckery every day. (And that’s just the shit that’s happening in the US. There’s still Brexit. There’s still Syria. South Sudan is in famine.)

Yesterday, the White House said, hey, is an undocumented person “thought to be dangerous?” Let’s get ’em out of the country without a hearing, as opposed to focusing on convicted criminals and due process. I mean, this shit keeps happening because a bunch of white Christians in the Midwest wanted to feel in control again and voted the embodiment of their fear and prejudice into the White House.

(Side note: The Christian faith is not being persecuted in the US, despite what the white man in the pulpit would like you to believe. Not being able to tell other people what to do is not persecution. You’re fine. You’ve been fine.)

So maybe stop telling people to focus on other things. As for me, I’ve got my health solutions in place, no need to tell me how to take care of myself.

Do what you want with your social media. Don’t try to shame me for keeping up with what’s going on and how it’s affecting people who aren’t me.