How dare you enjoy your own culture, Offbeat Home, July 2015

Nicki Minaj and her controversial headdress
Nicki Minaj and her controversial headdress. Read my article here.

So this post is getting some fun comments right now. Oofa, white people love to justify what we do, don’t we?

My favorite comment is, “There’s nothing wrong with cultural appropriation. Enjoy the things that you like.”

It’s written by a dude, of course. So thank you, dudebro — that’s only been what white males have done since the dawn of history. What an enlightening comment.

My next favorite comment is, “No one screams ‘cultural appropriation’ when Chinese people wear blue jeans or when European children eat McDonald’s sandwiches…” and goes on at length to make several other equally moronic points.

There’s just no helping people who want to put McDonald’s on the same tier as, oh, let’s say, a religion.