Impeach Trump, Pence be damned

A friend of mine mentioned today that she would hope Trump would be impeached, if it weren’t for the fact that Pence is right behind him.

It’s a common sentiment. I’m sure we’ve all heard it before. “We can’t impeach Trump! We’ll just get Pence!”

I’m okay with a Trump impeachment. With all of his conflicts of interest and his propensity for inaccuracies and his administration’s prospective nepotism and the small matter of his potentially treasonous associations with Russia, there promises to be a goodly amount of material for it rather soon.

(All those italicized phrases above are links, btw. Educate yourself.)

If a Trump impeachment is at all a possibility, let’s make it happen as soon as fucking possible.

“But PENCE!”

Pence is already there. Being one step removed from the presidency isn’t going to make him less impactful. If you think Trump isn’t going to dump the lion’s share of the presidency on Pence anyway, you need to reexamine how much Trump is willing to do anything that isn’t flamboyant and glittery. He’d rather throw press conferences like circus sideshows with paid applause and leave the stage tossing out his old reality TV show taglines. (Seriously…”you’re fired!”…that happened at a press conference this morning. This the world we live in.)

If Pence is going to be the Acting President, fucking let him be the president then. Let’s at least incapacitate Trump and rid our government of a ticking time bomb ready to throw the US into war with any foreign leader who looks at him funny. Would President Pence be so very different from Vice President Pence? I doubt it. Conceivably, it might make it harder to keep this administration around for a second term. By all means, impeach Trump ASAP.

At minimum, we wouldn’t have to give Trump’s Twitter account or his daughter or his sons or his son-in-law or his Russian prostitutes any more air time, for the love of god.