“Let’s all just move on”

Not even a week has passed since the election, and already the eye-rolls are coming in.
“Can you stop posting about the election already?”
“Let’s all just move on.”
“Work through your anger.”
“Give him a chance.”
“He’s your president now. Get over it.”
“Can we all just get along now please?”

I acknowledge that it will be very tough to not treat Trump as the new Normal. Four years is a long time, and humans are very adaptable. We learn how to function under great stress.

However, what he has said will never be okay. Dehumanizing those who aren’t white, straight, male, and Christian will never be okay. I will never be okay with those beliefs, I will never agree-to-disagree when it comes to whether or not all humans are equally human. No one has the right to that belief.

“Give Trump a chance.” Fuck Trump. He’s a 70-year-old narcissist who has shown the world repeatedly who he is his entire life. He is not going to “get better” after being rewarded with the highest office in the world. Now is not the moment when he is going to realize how ugly his behavior has been. No, I will not be watching carefully to see what he does next. I have been watching carefully, and I’ve been unsurprised by him his entire campaign.

Instead, I will be watching the white Christians.

Christianity and I go way back, and while we haven’t spoken in a while, I know what Christianity says it’s all about. I was marinated in it from birth, and I can argue points of doctrine and scripture with the best of them.

Christianity and the Republican ticket have been closely tied for a while, so when Republicans chose this man as their candidate, I was already giving Christianity a massive side-eye. Donald Trump is in no way, shape, or form a Christian. His actions and beliefs are in direct opposition to much of the Christian faith. And now, he’s in the White House. And now, white Christians are telling me to get over myself and give this man a chance.

I will not be “getting over” this. I am not a child who’s been denied the treat she wanted. I’m a 33-year-old woman who has seen people hate other people while wrapping themselves in a thin robe of religion. And I will not be coddling hypocrisy.

I will watch to see what the people around Trump will do. I will watch to see how much racism, sexism, and homophobia is tolerated in America in general. I will note how many white men tell me they are tired of my anger, how many white women will tell me to tone things down. I will note what white Christians say about black people, Latinos, LGBT people, Muslims, the disabled, feminists, and all of the other people groups that Trump has dehumanized. I will pay attention to what is ignored and what is brushed under the rug and what I am asked to “get over.”

I will do my best to keep speaking out against it. I can’t guarantee I won’t have moments of silence or that I will always speak out perfectly. I know that I will struggle in the next four years to not succumb to a new normal; I, after all, will be rather fine as a white woman (what is a little more socially condoned sexism, really?). It’s much easier to ignore the hurt of others.

I hope my heart will always be broken about this.