Let’s talk about weekends

I started two new projects today — they’re both fantasy fiction, which is everything I love — but I am so goddamn happy tomorrow is Saturday, I could just weep tears of joy. I put in ten hours today, and even though most of it was work I like, it was still ten hours of butt-in-chair Actual Work.

Let’s talk about weekends, shall we?

As recently as a few months ago, I was still eking out some work across the weekends. The daily To Do list just looked a bit less intimidating if I knew I could fudge some work into Saturday and Sunday. It was like Free Time! Sure, I can take on an extra client, sure I can give you that project back in a week, yeah, no problem, I’ve got two extra days in my work week, it’s like magic!

Until I began realizing that I wasn’t writing as much for myself anymore. And I was having to cut dates with friends short so I could get to my computer and hit my work quota for the weekend.

That absolutely sucked.

So I’ve slowly built weekends back into my life. They are Mine, and I will write for myself or do laundry or go shopping or catch up with friends, but anything that I get paid to do waits until Monday. I’ve always been pretty good about doing that with email, but now I’m making sure I do it with the rest of my professional life, too.

Always make sure you get two days for yourselves, Self-employed People. In a row, if you can manage it. You fuckin’ need it. The whole day, not a few hours here or there. Hustle when it’s hustlin’ time, but make sure you relax when it’s relaxin’ time.