My head-tilt moment

Ever have that thing you think about that makes you tilt your head like a dog?
Everyone’s got that thing.

Currently, my thing is the white American fear of refugees. Of illegal immigrants. “Protect our borders, protect our jobs, protect our wives, protect our children.”

Like, bitch?? Do you remember your high-school US history?

White people are here because we fucking immigrated here. Religious freedom, that thing we love to shout about, was something white people wanted from the get-go because of the shitty situations they came from in Europe.

We had our refugee moment. We came to someone else’s land when we needed out. (And we are still acting like we were here first. Come on, really?)

So this is my head-tilt moment.

It is now someone else’s turn to move around the world. Someone else needs to escape. How the fuck dare we say no? Like, when it was us, it was cool, but it’s now you, so no?

Where is the logic? Where is the knowledge of history?
How can we cling to a romanticism of our past and ignore its implications for our present?