No one wants to live in eras that history books talk about

So the Italian referendum met with a ‘No’ vote, and Prime Minister Renzi is stepping down. Their alt-right power is set to move in, and they want a few small things like, hey, maybe Italy should stop using the euro.

This is their Brexit.
This is their Donald Trump.
Austria triumphed over their alt-right threat, but France and Germany have their own big votes coming up in 2017. Populism is everywhere, you can feel it, and I’m fucking scared.

I told Jeremy this morning that I don’t want to live in an era that the history books talk about. “‘This was the moment,'” he said as he was getting ready for work. “‘This was the turning point.'”

One of my clients pointed out that nearly all the people who can remember the Holocaust are dead. “This is the next wave of idiocy.” But, in a moment of hope, he pointed out that in two generations, more people who have been raised on togetherness and inclusion will be leading the governments.

Cold comfort. I want to fight now.