Q&A with Elaine Uy, Codeship, February 2016

OG-Elaine Uy interview
Click on the photo for the full interview on the Codeship blog.

I recently did an interview with software engineer Elaine Uy that I thought went particularly well. She had insightful things to say about the industry, her career, and, yes, being a woman in tech, though that was not the majority of the interview by any means.

I also particularly liked that she disagreed with someone on her own marketing team when he wanted to change one of her quotes to be a little more “market-y” for their company. It’s rare to find someone outside of journalism who respects the idea of keeping a quote original, and I really felt like she was supporting me in the job I had to do.

I don’t normally share straight-up Q&As here because they’re not really formatted to show off writing skill. But I really liked this one, so here you go.