So many not-wrong choices

I want more weekends like this.

I got my summer garden out today. Trying out some new varieties, trying out some new locations. Slowly trying to hone this tiny patch of land into as efficient a garden as I can make it.

Barely had any concept of time these past two days. Didn’t look at my phone much. Got sunburnt, got dirt under my nails. Made a couple bouquets, gave a friend some plants I didn’t have room for and some extra seed.

Went to an awesome Omaha makers’ event. For some reason, I usually tell myself I’m just going to look at those things. But this time, I thought, hell, I know a lot of these vendors personally. And I like what they’re doing, and I like what they make. Why wouldn’t I make the conscious choice to spend some money there?

So I did. I bought three things I really, really liked from three different vendors that I’ve had great interactions with in the past. And I got business cards from two others whose products I think I’ll need as we continue to renovate our place.

I felt connected to where I live this weekend. Connected to my personal space and to the people around me also calling this map dot home.

It’s easy to doubt choices sometimes. Careers, moves, pets, kids, no kids, get married, don’t get married, travel, save money… there are so many not-wrong choices to make, that it’s easy to second-guess where you’re at.

This weekend made me feel like I’ve made a few right choices in order to have these moments.