That all you got?

For the love, if someone else tries to tell me that Trump is smart because he’s a “successful businessman,” I will absolutely laugh in their face, no matter where we are or who else is in the conversation.

He speaks like a child. His new budget plan shows no regard for education, the arts, the sciences, or anything that doesn’t speak directly to might and muscle. I never thought I’d run across a politician who sounds less polished, informed, and educated than George W. Bush, but ladies and gents, we’ve elected him.

And, yeah, as for his fucking “business success” that conservatives love to brandish (which, btw, aren’t you supposed to be advocating for those in need, not starry eyed over wealth?)…

Bitch, he was born white, male, and rich, and his daddy kickstarted his career with at least $14 million, which according to Politico is like $31 million now. I’d also like to add that the meat of his early career was in the economically healthy mid80s. Since then, he’s failed spectacularly all over the place in business (bankrupt casinos, a fraudulent university he had to settle on after he won the election) — the only thing he’s good at is entertainment, hence his obsession with ratings that spills into nearly every childish insult he’s made as president.

So, ‘scuse me. If I were born white, male, and rich and enjoyed a career in a healthy economy with a tasty loan from daddy, I had damn well better be a “successful businessman” who can afford to bankrupt casinos and walk away spouting what a winner I am.

I sure as fuck wouldn’t have to be smart to do it.