That…would not be a first

Jeremy just told me about a Texas representative who dredged up an old argument against LGBT people last year.

“If you could decide what 40 people you put on the spacecraft that would save humanity, how many of those would be same-sex couples?”

Why is this a go-to argument against LGBT relationships? I mean, my dude, last I checked, the earth was tipping the scales at seven billion people. We have never gone backward in global population. The human race ain’t a thing that needs your sperm to save it, boy.

But sure. I’ll play the game.

If we wipe out close to seven billion people.
And if we develop technology to take human life to Mars.
And if we create the means to sustain human life on some planet somewhere that is not Earth.
And if we don’t come up with procreation solutions that don’t require penises to go inside vaginas (oh, wait, we’ve already done that.)

Then the very least weird piece of that puzzle is that a man and a woman who are not attracted to each other might possibly consider having procreative sex.

Dude, I dunno where you’ve been for the entire history of the universe, but c’mere and I’ll tell you a secret:

That would not be a first.