Your homepage is not your site’s lobby, The Layout, November 2014

I haven’t been highlighting many of my stories for Flywheel’s The Layout on this site for a couple reasons:

  1. I write roughly a post a week, and I only want to give attention here to the cream of the crop.
  2. I have a better feel for the type of content this young design publication needs, but I’m usually more enamored with my freelancers’ posts than my own.

But right before Thanksgiving, I think I nailed one. I may not be a web designer by trade, but I damn well use the internet enough to know when a website isn’t working for its end user. I’d noticed a change in how I wanted my favorite sites’ homepages to act — and I’d noticed that web design was trailing behind more often than not.

The RTs have me kind of proud of this one. It’s my own idea, and I was able to communicate it clearly enough that industry pros are like, yeah. What she said.

A good feeling indeed.