Wolfgang Editorial, est. 2017

Sips champagne.

I always thought I’d feel much more celebratory on a day that I would start my own business. However, it seems that the business started rather without my awareness that it was happening. I’ve been building my little empire off and on for ten years now, and quite steadily for the last two.

This year, it became clear that the government was taking my endeavors quite seriously indeed, and it was beyond time that I did the same.

Welcome to Wolfgang Editorial. Officially birthed March 29, 2017, but honestly in service since the first time someone paid me for work I had sought out on my own.

I remember sitting through an obligatory career-guidance meeting with my university’s adorably out-of-touch career office. The frosty-haired woman sat back at her desk, looked at me over her glasses, and said in a quite reproachful tone, “I’m not hearing that you want a full-time job, Chris.”

From a certain view point, she was absolutely correct.

I remember quitting a job too quickly for a financial advisor’s liking. The man asked if freelancing was something I was going to do in between searching for a real job. That question came up for a while. Until it didn’t anymore.

I’ve had lectures from all walks of life about how to run a career. Some of it I take, some of it I don’t, and it’s anybody’s guess if I’ll regret or applaud those decisions in the long run.

But for now, this is where I’m at: my own business, and all the trappings that come along with that heady phrase. Accounting. Expenses. Invoicing. Marketing. Self-promotion. And setting myself up to pursue the kind of work that matters deeply to me.