Ye olde follow-up email

It’s something I’ve mentioned on Twitter, but it’s a thing that keeps happening. I get a nonurgent, work-related email late Friday. By 6am Monday, I have a follow-up email waiting for me. “Did you have a chance to look at the email I sent a few days ago?”

You mean, the email you sent basically over a weekend?

Look, I’m a freelancer. I get that today’s professional landscape means we’re connected all day long. The hustle is real, and I am all about it — Monday through Friday. If it’s an emergency, I do keep an eye on my phone over the weekend. I’m not disconnected, but I pick my weekend battles.

So, if we pretend that Saturday and Sunday just don’t exist because mental health is important, here’s what you’ve done: You’ve sent me an email about a nonurgent thing, and then three hours later, you’ve sent me a follow-up asking if I got the first one.

Follow-ups are fine. I can appreciate them; shit gets lost in this overcommunicated world we’ve got going on right now.

But wait five business days. General rule. If it’s really not time-sensitive, I personally wait two weeks. Show some appreciation that people already have a lot going on in their work lives, and maybe they’re prioritizing.