Chris Wolfgang



I’m Chris Wolfgang. I write and edit sci-fi and fantasy fiction.


I’m a professional writer and editor, specializing in SFF with a feminist, LGBTQ flare. I write and edit anything from short stories to full-length novels to series, but I definitely have a soft spot for anything funny, fantastical, and sexy.


Fantasy? Yes, please.

Sci-fi? Of course.

Mystery? Intrigue? Lots of heart?

That’s my kind of story.


My entire goal with my work, whether I’m editing a client’s masterpiece or building my own worlds, is to do my damnedest to put as much positivity and love into the universe as possible. Give me stories with emphasis on found family and openheartedness and battling odds together, and we’ll change the world, one book at a time.


love is Love,



Should you so desire, I’ll delicately place 500 words or less about the industry of writing, editing, and publishing in your inbox, once a month:

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