Editing isn’t a one-size-fits-all task, and I’m pleased to offer a few different flavors of the service. Not sure what exactly your project needs before it hits the world stage? Let’s see if we can get you some clarity:

  • Copy editing is an edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and vocabulary. This can include light fact-checking if necessary. Author voice and tone are untouched, except to make a note where something may be wildly inconsistent.

    • Useful for blog posts, news releases, and any writing that is already fairly polished.

  • Development editing is a deeper edit that usually comes before a copy edit. I look for consistency of voice, note areas to improve structure and organization, and make thorough suggestions for rewriting and clarity. This is for the author who wants their piece to shine its brightest, as well as improve their own writing in the process.

    • Useful for novels, short stories, and scholarly papers.

  • Sensitivity editing or reading is a prepublication safeguard against social and cultural missteps when writing for or about a specific group of people. I am proud to offer sensitivity reading for LGBTQ content, flagging potentially offensive phrasing, as well as suggesting alternate wording and tactful handling of sensitive issues.

    • Useful for blog posts, novels, and short stories.

  • Technical editing makes certain that your piece adheres to specs within industry-specific writing. In addition to a copy edit, I pay attention to correct spelling and capitalization of brand names, industry jargon, and technical clarity.

    • Useful for tech blogs, tutorials, and step-by-step guides.


Need someone to make the words actually appear? I can handle that, too. From 500 words to 5,000, just tell me what you need.

  • Feature writing is what you think of when you read the key stories in magazines. Thoughtful pieces with a strong central message, this writing often includes interviews and significant research.

    • Useful for magazine articles, long-form blog posts, and content marketing

  • Ghostwriting lets your thoughts shine through my skill. Need to let the world know you’re the voice of authority on your topic? Tell me what you want to say — your message, your main points, your key words — and I’ll create a piece that sounds like you, publishable under your name.

    • Useful for blog posts, industry articles, and artist statements.

  • Marketing copy takes a steady hand. When done correctly, the result is content that’s helpful and informative, not pushy or dry. Paying close attention to company voice, I inject my simple, fluid style into your product message.

    • Useful for web content, product announcements, and press releases.

And more

I offer a unique quote per project (so feel free to contact me), but you can check out my latest pricing guide here.